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The Baby Bullet: Honest Review

This review is honest and in no way shape or form a paid advertisement by The Baby Bullet Brand.

When I had my baby shower, the #1 item on my list was The Baby Bullet. I was obsessed with the thought of homemade baby food. Let's face it, who can really trust those prepackaged baby foods on shelves that in my opinion have way too long of a shelf life? Fresh fruit and veggies can only be preserved longer than 1-2 weeks if they're frozen. However prepackaged baby food (not frozen) can have a shelf life over 2 months. I don't know about you, but I simply couldn't bring myself to feed that to my infant. Homemade baby food was the only way to keep this worrying new Mommy at ease.

I finally got to crack this baby open and I am in L O V E️ Here's my honest review of The Baby Bullet

What you get:

1.The Batch bowl- Mix large portions of baby food.

2.Power Base- The Power Base is the heart of the Baby Bullet system. Simply place either the Batch bowl or one of the Short Cups on to the High-Torque Power Base, press down and twist! It couldn't be easier!

3.Date-Dial Cups- Store your food in these adorable cups so you know exactly how fresh your food is!

4.Short Cups - Make smaller portions in the Short Cup - which is perfect for turning family dinner into baby's dinner in just seconds.

5.Stay-Fresh Lids - Keep your baby food fresh for storage or travel.

6.Blend Blade- Purée foods to the perfect consistency every time! From the thinnest first meal to thick textured advanced foods - the blend blade has you covered for any stage eater.

7.Milling Blade- Turn rice into rice flour or make your own brown rice cereal with the Baby Bullet Milling Blade.

8. Spatula

9.Silicone freezer pop tray with lid

10.Storage trays

11.Recipe book

12.User’s manual

I'm pretty much a frugal person .....ok I'm VERY frugal. When I found out it retails for only $59 I was flabbergasted lol! That's a complete 20 piece set that allows storage for up to two weeks. You can't beat that.

My favorite pro's of The Baby Bullet

1. The date dial cups- This secured me as a fan right away. When you're a busy mom, you become forgetful. (Don't charge it to our hearts) The date dial cups eliminate the guess work on what day you made your baby food. In return, this will significantly reduce waste from a forgetful Mommy and protect your baby from spoiled food.

2. The recipe book - I know there's recipes at the touch of your finger, however including this recipe book was both thoughtful and convenient.

3. Freezer pop tray- This will be your bestie when you have a teething infant ! I made some apple purée pops for my little one to suck on and she loved it.


Cons...with an "s" is in fact an overstatement. I have only one con for The Baby Bullet. (Yes I'm that much of a fan)

1. Storage of all the items when not in use, can take up space. It's already hard enough to keep up with tiny infant socks and headbands, so adding all the individual pieces was a bit much. However they have a To Go bag that can be purchased separately. This bag allows you to store your complete Bullet system in one place.

I'm super exited to try fun and yummy recipes for my infant. I hope you enjoy The Baby Bullet as much as I do!

- The Urban Mom

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