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Mercury Retrograde: 5 Ways To Prepare and Grow From It

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

I don’t know about you , but I’m so glad Mercury Retrograde is over. If you aren’t familiar with what Mercury Retrograde is, Ive linked an article here , that will go into detail. 

Now that you know what Mercury Retrograde is, it’s time to dig into what I’ve learned about myself during this period. In this cycle, everything can “appear” to be off. However , if you are aware and prepared for it , you can act accordingly. 

For me, that wasn’t the case for this July Retrograde. Although I was aware , I struggled to be prepared for it. That also translates into me having some difficult conversations in this cycle.

Patience is the most important thing during a Mercury Retrograde. When you are someone like me with a very short life-line for patience , this will be your most difficult task. I found myself being short with my daughter after repeating myself what seemed like hundreds of times. I engaged in confrontation multiple times, and all of this left me feeling defeated. On the very last day of Retrograde , I had this revelation about how to move forward in life. It was almost like a switch had been switched on immediately. That’s when I knew, I did not have a handle on emotions during the Retrograde. 

Here’s how I plan to be prepared for the next Retrograde:

1. Setting a calendar reminder - We are all on the go. I get it. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our busy schedules , we forget to stay connected to the earth around us. Setting a digital reminder 1-2 weeks before retrograde will be helpful in preparation for it. 

2. Keep your schedule to a minimum- During retrograde you will want to tip the balancing scale more towards a period of self reflection rather than important business. 

3. Opt for face to face conversations over text. This will assist in minimizing miscommunication with loved ones. 

4. If confrontation arises , remember to pause before speaking , stay calm , and really try to understand the communication and perspective  being received from another individual. 

5. Reflect. Plan to have a day of reflection once the retrograde is over. During this time , evaluate areas that you struggled with, as well as, areas you excelled in. 

Life is about rolling with the punches , it’s not about losing yourself. Therefore , being prepared for a Mercury Retrograde will always yield growth in some aspect of your life. 

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