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Toddler Imaginary Playtime Activities : Reconnecting With Your Child

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

My kid is obsessed with watching kids play on YouTube. When I saw the excitement in her eyes , I decided to get some hands on playtime with her. Don’t get me wrong, we do learning activities , but I will be the first to admit we don’t get much imaginary playtime. Our world is so digital these days and it’s important to never lose that physical connection with our children. I sat aside 3 whole hours for imaginary playtime today, and my kid was filled with joy. Here are a few imaginary play ideas for you and your little ones. Imaginary Makeup Session I was gifted this imaginary makeup play set by Pixie Crush. (www.pixiecrush.com) Since I can’t seem to keep my kid out of MY makeup , this was one of the best ideas for imaginary play time. No mess , no fuss ! Movie Re-enactment Does your kid have a movie on constant replay? Purchase a few character costumes that relate to that movie and reenact your favorite scenes. You could even create your own stories. *Dont forget to record it. Your little one will enjoy the replay. It’s also a good keepsake ! DIY GO-KART You guys remember little rascals ? It was one of my fav movies as a kid. When I saw that movie , I imagined having my own go kart, flying by my opponents in a race. Use this concept to build an imaginary go kart out of cardboard box. The races are on ! I’m only two years into this motherhood thang’ so feel free to throw any other suggestions into my email and I’ll add them to the list for our sister mommies!

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