• Tori Owens

Period After Pregnancy: Two Year Update

At 28 years old with a two year old daughter , I can say I’m enjoying motherhood more than words could possibly explain. It seems as though my life completely started over when I gave birth to her. Everything changed, and I embraced it all. My preferences , my mindset , my tolerance , my body , my confidence….it all changed. Through it all, I embraced it fully. Besides me growing an entire shoe size bigger, the only other bothersome change was my menstrual cycle. It was beyond irregular. I would sometimes go two months without a cycle and then two in the following one month. Can you imagine never knowing when your cycle would drop? With a complete change in my menstrual cycle came irritability , cramps (I didn’t have them prior to pregnancy ) , I bled longer and heavier, and not to mention my hormones jumping all over the place. I was sometimes an emotional rollercoaster. I had to do something about it and do something quick. Attempting to take a natural approach, I went to old faithful Instagram for research. I scrolled through tons of images under the hashtag #periodhealth and came across a brand called Period Pain Free. They provide personalized plant based healing formulas targeting issues that may come along with your mebstrual. You guys know I’m a plant loving mama by now so this was right up my alley. What I love the most about Period Pain Free is that each formula is completely personalized for you and has a handwritten date on each bottle (talk about authenticity). You simply take 6-8 drops twice a day around the time of your menstrual. Quick, easy, all natural healing herbs for your menstrual delivered right to you every month. I started with my personalized formula in April 2019 and recorded my experience for two full cycles. Here are the changes I noticed by the second cycle : shorter period length lighter period (both in color and flow) less hormonal breakouts lighter cramps better sleep It’s no secret that changes in your menstrual are common after birth. Some women return right back to normal and some don’t. If you’re anything like me , I highly suggest you take a look for yourself. I’ll share the brand’s info below. Period Pain Free www.periodpainfree.com IG : https://instagram.com/periodpainfree_?igshid=f1uv5pznyscs 

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