• Tori Owens

Abducted In Plain Sight: A Mother’s Review

Netflix’s push for original content is at an all time high. The platform recently released a documentary titled “Abducted In Plain Sight”. The story recalls a very real and disturbing incident based on the life of a woman named Jan Broberg. Jan, a mere child, is abducted from a small church-going community in Idaho by a trusted neighbour and close family friend View trailer here As a mother, I was left with so many emotions after I watched this documentary. None of which I had ever been flustered with before. Once I watched it, I felt compelled to tell every parent I knew, to watch the documentary as well. Here’s why. Pedophilia is a disturbing topic that no one wants to talk about. Years of brushing things under the rug have led us to believe that if we don’t talk about it, it won’t happen to us. When in reality , not talking about it could be just as detrimental. In the midst of me urging other parents to watch the documentary , I realized this sadistic topic was more relevant to my life than I thought. More than half of the parents I talked to had either experienced sexual child abuse or knew someone that has. I became infuriated that I was so oblivious and ignorant to the severity of it all. I mean, I have a daughter to protect for God sake. The documentary put things in a totally different perspective for me. I never knew how such horrifying things took place, yet, watching this gave me insight to skin crawling details that I could’ve never imagined to prepare for in regards to protecting my own daughter. In fact , after I did a little research , more than half of cases like these are by people you know. Wtf? I can honestly say after watching this documentary, I am more alert and conscious to the situation. It’s given me the confidence to be more proactive in preparing my daughter for not only this but other dangers of the world. THATS why I want every parent to watch this documentary. As a parent, it is our duty to protect our children by any means necessary. We have to show them love freely, openly, and unconditionally. This means we must always prepare for the unthinkable even if it makes us uncomfortable. No more brushing shit under the rug or ignoring hard topics. TALK to your child. One conversation could save a life. From one parent to the next , watch the documentary. Once you’re done punching the air like I did, meditate and come up with your own family practices to hopefully prevent such horrifying things from happening. With love, Tori

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