• Tori Owens

The Cannabis Mom : Sativa In Parenting

Parenting gets hard, real hard. In the midst of responsibilities, I’ve sometimes found myself feeling guilty with my lack of patience for my toddler. That becomes a catalyst for what I claim to be shortcomings in parenting. We sometimes yell, cry , and flat out fail for the day. However , I recently picked back up a guilty pleasure, Cannabis. With more and more states legalizing cannabis in 2019, I would hope you’re not stuck in that old viewpoint that moms who indulge in cannabis are bad mothers. If so, this post is not for you. In my younger days, I definitely abused the plant. I lacked the knowledge of not only the plant, but myself as well. I was a girl lost in the sauce just looking for a good time. It was a habit that I used for all the wrong reasons. With that being said , I don’t agree that cannabis is for everyone or in retrospect , not for every season of your life. Now at 27 years old and as a parent , I’m enjoying the flower more than ever. I’ve educated myself on the different types of cannabis , the different ways to indulge in it, and the different effects the flower will have on you. Sativa strains are considered to be “uppers” by unlocking loads of energy and focus but still give you a mellow mood. I’ve found that this not only helps me when it comes to creativity , but it’s made parenting much smoother. Things my toddler does that normally would have prompted me to raise my voice and act out of frustration have been much different since I started incorporating Sativa edibles in my morning coffee. Let me give you a couple of examples. My toddler emptied a bag of sugar into my oven to make the cookies we were baking sweeter. Something like that would’ve ticked me off before, because of the fear of her hurting herself. Additionally because she knows not to touch the oven. Instead , I calmly sat her down and explained to her why mommy was disappointed. After the talk, I turned cleaning the oven into a game while our cookies were cooling We were in a rush to get out the door. She must’ve realized how flustered I was to be on time. Instead of saying she needed to potty, she held it, until she couldn’t hold it anymore. Next thing I know, she’s crying in the backseat of my car because she had an accident. I approached the situation differently. I wiped her tears and told her I’m sorry for rushing her. “Let’s turn around and clean you up and grab a snack”. Gave her a kiss and the day was saved. I was still late though. Go figure. All in all , cannabis has simply given me the ability to be more present, aware, and appreciative of every moment. This translates to a better approach in parenting and I’ve now become an advocate for parents and pot. In fact , I’ve devised a plan of my own to break into the cannabis industry as a budding entrepreneur. I want to destigmatize the perspective of parents who enjoy the flower. I just got back from a business trip to Denver and I’m more motivated than ever. I’ll be documenting my entire process of breaking into the cannabis industry and I hope you enjoy the ride. The ups , the downs , and everything in between. With love, The Urban Mom 

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