• Tori Owens

My Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Meditation Experience

The infamous Yoni Egg is something I’m just now incorporating into my meditation routine. I chose the “Rose Quartz” Yoni Egg for my first time. The #rosequartz yoni egg is said to open the heart chakra to unconditional love – love of self, love of family, love of friends and especially romantic love. It helps dissolve the barriers and blockages we have against feeling, giving and receiving the energy of love. I chose this crystal because I not only struggled with self love for awhile but I also had an extremely hard time letting people in. I was the “mean” friend who didn’t like meeting new people. I got extremely uncomfortable around people I didn’t know and always felt like a stranger was against me automatically. They labeled this the “Resting Bitch Face” disease. I was always defensive and had my emotional guns out ready to defend myself against confrontation. Simply put, an insecure soul ready to go against anybody and everything. However, that’s the old me. I’ve come along way in my self-love journey. Since then, I’ve reached deep into myself, I’ve battled my own demons and have become a much more softer , kinder individual and it brings me pure joy. I want to keep this energy flowing, so that’s the real reason I decided to incorporate a yoni egg in my meditation sessions. My experience was beautiful. I had one minor mishap, but nonetheless it was beautiful. I found that the yoni egg helped me concentrate longer and played its part in having a deeper connection to the object I focused my mind on, which was the flame of a handmade candle purposed for “seeking what it is you yearn for”. After my meditation session, I found myself in tears. Tears of happiness and relief. I felt as though a burden had been lifted from my subconscious. Questions I had before, I now have the answer to. If I could give you a visual , it was like that moment Sandra Bullock reaches the School of The Blind after a treacherous journey blindfolded in the Netflix Original Bird Box. If you were to ask me would I refer anyone to incorporate yoni eggs into their meditation process , my answer would be absolutely. If you’re a beginner like me , start with the larger egg. I know what you’re thinking. Wouldn’t the larger one be harder to keep in ? The answer is no. In fact , I had a bit of a struggle getting it out. So, purchase the egg for you with a string attached for easy removal. Have you ever tried using a yoni egg during meditation ? Sound off in the comments and let me know.

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