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4 Things To Get Your Post-Baby Body Back

Click here to watch this video of my morning routine with NatuReal Supplements. When it comes to adulthood all of us reminisce on our younger skin and pre-adulthood bodies. I mean , we may have had insecurities when we were younger but now we want them back as opposed to our new normal. Now, I may not agree with what high society deems the “perfect body” nor do I agree with pushing a certain stereotype on anyone. What I truly feel is that it’s important to look and feel a way that makes YOU happy. I tried the whole skinny thing and it wasn’t for me. I love my extra curves and plump cheeks. It’s what makes me, ME. However , there are some things post-pregnancy that I do want to continue to redefine. I’m two years post baby and I’m happy with the changes I’ve made so far. I wasn’t always here though. There was a time in my life I would starve myself, try fad diets , and even pills. I know you remember that Garcinia rage a few years ago. I realized those things only made my self esteem worse. I was reaching for the wrong things. I wanted to reach the beauty standard that society had conditioned me to be obsessed with. I now realize when you work for something for the wrong reasons , you’ll never yield the results you truly want. That’s because happiness starts within. I know , it sounds cliché, but it’s the truth. Once I started to love myself to no end, it showed. I started making changes in my routines , my diet , and life in general and to my surprise my mind, body, and spirit thanked me. I’m coming up on my year anniversary to becoming Vegetarian. I didn’t stop eating meat to be skinny. I stopped eating meat because of my health. I also chose that route for myself because I’m raising my daughter vegan and I wanted to get closer to her diet. My selfishness and laziness might I add, was causing my grocery bill to skyrocket. Can you imagine buying two of everything ? Two milk’s , two different types of cheeses , two completely different meal plans every week ?!!! It was exhausting ! I looked up one day and noticed the difference in how I looked. I was slimming in the right areas , I was getting close to my pre-baby body and it made me feel good. It gave me the confidence to take things a step further. When your health is in good shape , your mind and body will follow. A few of the the things I incorporated into my daily routine included multivitamins, two workouts a week, B12 , and Natureal Supplements. There are two reasons all of these things are important. When you switch to vegetarian , you lose a lot of nutrients that your body needs. This causes you to feel sluggish , tired , and not to mention the dry skin. Let me get into each component that took my operation “Get My Body Back” to the next level.

  • Multivitamins - When I stopped eating meat my nails became weak and brittle. My cuticles would dry out and crack. Multivitamins restored the health of my nails and cuticle skin which ultimately promotes nail growth. link

  • B12 - Without meat in your diet, your energy will drop. It’s allot as worse as that first trimester in pregnancy. B12 utilizes the food you eat and converts it into energy. I saw a major difference in my overall daily performance.

  • Natureal Supplements - These were a game changer for me for multiple reasons. In addition to struggling with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome ), I have always had the slowest metabolism as well as an undeniable obsession with snacking too much. I started drinking their “Revert Tea” detox and taking their Probiotics which guarantee 40 billion live healthy cultures to your gut per serving. Within a week I noticed I would have a regular bowel movement , more energy , less cravings , and I didn’t hold as much gunk in my gut. I have to mention as well, my skin has been GLOWING! No exaggeration.

Get your Natureal Supplements here www.Natu-real.com P.s, I asked if you could have a discount and they said YES! Use code URBANMOM10

  • Two workouts a week - With more energy and a clearer mind, I actually got myself into the gym doors. Getting there has always been the hard part. I had every excuse in the book. However , with the combination of liking how I’ve been looking and feeling , all of the components I just mentioned above were catalysts to go harder.

Now, I’m no fitness guru , or health educator , but I can definitely vouch for all of these things working for ME! Click here to see me a year ago. I was not at my ideal size. Unhappy with my uneven skin, and quite frankly just tired of it all. This is me now. I’m happier with my mind body and soul. Not because I’ve lost weight but because I’ve taken the time to find love for my temple and treat it as such.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However do contrary belief , that beholder is you before anybody else.” - Urban Mom Spot



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