• Tori Owens

How To Be Single & Happy During The Holidays

Have you checked on your single friends during the holiday season ? Around this time of year , singles tend to enter what I call “seasonal depression”. It’s easy to feel this way when everyone around you is planning family holiday cards , family vacations , and posting all the love going on in their home. This is my second holiday season single, however I’m trucking through it much better than my first. In fact , I’ve been taking this time to exude pure happiness from the inside out. I think singles go through these roller coaster of feelings during the holidays because we try to compare our own situations to others instead of taking a good look at what we do have. Of course social media makes it worse. If you’re reading this and have a single friend , here’s a few things I want you to do; - Invite that friend out for a little one on one shopping - Having a big family dinner ? Extend an invite for them to join you - Carve out a night to party like the old days. It can be chill like a paint and sip or a night out that you can’t disclose all the details to when running it down to your significant other. (Just don’t get too wild lol ) - Host a game night and invite all your friends both in couples and singles. Going that little extra mile for your friend during the holiday season will really show just how much you appreciate their love and friendship. Now if you’re me, the single friend , during the holiday season, I came up with a few activities I think you’ll enjoy just as much as me. DIY Ugly Sweater - Grab an old sweater, some of the ugliest arts and crafts from the dollar store and go to town with it. Show up to work and watch how many laughs and smiles you get. A Solo Date - Pull out that sexy red (not black) dress and hit the town. Make sure you catch an Uber for the night because drinks tend to flow in abundance when you’re rocking solo. Make sure to check in next week on my blog about going out solo. It will detail what you need to have a good time and what to expect if you’ve never done it. BFF Sleepover - We adult every day. It’s ok to let the kid in us pop out for one night. Text your homegirls and tell them grab their adult onesies, some bottles, some guilty snacks and meet you at the hotel you reserved. The Bucketlist - If you haven’t made a bucket list yet , do it now. Once you’ve done that, make sure to check something off during the holiday season. You’ll feel exhilarated! Holiday Card - Just because you’re single during the holidays doesn’t mean you have to skip out on traditions. Instead of sending friends a regular holiday card , make them funny and memorable. Grab some photos from some of your funniest memories with them and hold them up in the picture while making a funny face. On the back of the card , write a heartfelt message about that memory and why you love it so much. Getting through the holiday season single DOESN’T have to be hard. Learn to think outside of the box and appreciate life in the present. Stop comparing your season to others’ and create the happy you want. Sending love and light your way Xoxo Tori

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