• Tori Owens

Best App For Moms To Get Their Sexy Back

How many times have you scrolled past an item you wanted to purchase and didn’t because the price tag was too high ? If you’re a mom like me, the answer is TOO MANY! As soon as you see the price you think to yourself “I can get about 50 packs of diapers for that amount of money!” Then you stare at it. You contemplate. Eventually, you talk yourself out of it. I mean, what kind of mother would you be if you spent $100 on something nice for yourself right ? Eh, that’s normal. However, have you ever thought about WHY you feel that way ?

It’s psychological. It’s all in your head mama. Truth be told, it’s not that you can’t afford it. You just don’t want to spend $100 in one swipe. Think about it this way. Would you feel less guilty if that same $100 was taken out of your account in increments of $10 a week for ten weeks instead? I know. You just had an AH HA moment didn’t you? No? Let me dig a little deeper then. We save for things we like right? It’s usually for things like trips, holidays, or big purchases such as homes or vehicles. When you have a goal purchase in mind , you train your spending and saving around it with no problem. What if we did this for smaller purchases too? The days of moms feeling guilty for wanting something nice for themselves are over. Mom‘ ing is hard. Real hard. Damnit, we deserve nice things sometimes. I stumbled across an app that takes away that gut wrenching guilt of wanting to spend a lil’ money on yourself called Join Reel that lets you save for items you want. Let me give you the tea on how it works. Once you set up an account, you search through thousands of brand name items to find things you like. Then, you dictate how you want to save. You can choose to save a daily amount of $2 or weekly amount of $40 as well as dictating how long you want to save for that item. Take a look at what I’m saving for below. My First Reel Gucci Farfetch Leather Belt Item Cost $451 Now I’m a frugal kinda gal, so I never spend that much on any one item. My anxiety would definitely kick in once I saw a transaction of $500 run through my checking account. However , $40 a week I can deal with and in a few weeks, this baby will be mine ! Have I lessened that guilt cloud hovering over you yet ? If not , I’m going to sprinkle a little glitter in your life by giving you $15 off your first reel purchase!! Visit reel here to claim your offer. In the meantime, I’m going to run over to Rihanna’s Instagram for some styling inspo with my new belt! Meet me back on instagram in a few weeks to see how I pulled it all together. Happy Reeling Mama Xoxo- Tori

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