• Tori Owens

From Hot Combs To Au Naturel

There was something special about Saturday mornings growing up. Old school music was playing. You’re stuffing your face with the biggest bowl of cereal, propped between your mothers legs in complete euphoria. You look up and see the dreaded hot comb. *inserts intense music* (I know, I’m so dramatic ) On the real , that was how I felt. When I saw that hot comb , I just knew my mom buttered me up to prepare me for my ultimate doom lol. Back then , it was all about how straight and silky you could get your hair. I remember the old school green grease you could pick up at your local corner store. That grease would make your hair sizzle like a skillet full of bacon. But , that was the norm. Straight hair on ethnic women was in style. We called it fried, dyed, and laid to the side where I come from. Fast forward to millennial parenting, we tackle our daughters hair much differently. Now, it’s all about definition, embracing our cultural textures and EDGES! Can’t forget the slaying of the edges lol. Even though our norm in doing our daughters hair is different , there are some things that will never change. It’s that Saturday morning bond with our daughters on wash day. When I decided to go natural a few years ago , I knew I would keep that same energy when it came to doing my daughters hair. I’m no stylist , but I will say I’m getting the hang of it pretty darn well. Here’s how wash day typically goes in my household: 1. I butter my daughter up with the best breakfast just like my mother did. 2. I put on my daughters favorite cartoon. Right now, it happens to be PJ Masks. 3. I grab my “I Want It All” collection of products by Reagan Sanaii and go to town on my baby’s hair for wash day.

Upon our first wash , I noticed her curls were EXTREMELY defined and moisturized. This was a game changer for me. When my daughter was about 6 months , she started losing hair. I can’t even lie , I was so nervous that it wouldn’t grow that I became so desperate and started using Wild Hair Growth Oil. While it did work to a certain extent , I noticed that it dried her hair out so much and her growth was at a standstill. Therefore I decided to look into more natural products. I stumbled across Reagan Sanaii and fell in love with all their natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients that caught my eye were Tea Tree Oil inside their black soap shampoo and horsetail powder in their Nourishing Hair Growth Oil. Both of these ingredients are gold in regards to healthy hair. Watch our wash day routine here . I was challenged to do a 3 month comparison on the length and moisture of Bailey’s hair. Stay tuned for our midway mark review !

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