• Tori Owens

Survival Skills Every Parent Should Know

Where I’m from, you have no choice but to be savage. You had to navigate through life with the mindset of eat or be eaten. What’s daunting about that in the aspect of motherhood is, I can teach my daughter everything I know, but does that really put her in position to be better, smarter , and more resilient than me ? When I asked myself that question, it prompted an epiphany correlating to my own personal growth. Theres no time for stagnancy when it comes to parenting. A real savage is one who embodies elite survival skills no matter the situation. You throw her to the wolves and she’ll come out with a fur. Truth is, if the world as we know it ended tomorrow, there’s a lot of us that would be slapped by the hands of reality. A recollection of a video I saw on Facebook months ago resurfaced to the top of my brain. It was a side by side video of two young girls. One black. One white. The title was “We over here teaching our kids this, and they’re teaching their kids that” The video showed a young black girl shakin her ass and the Caucasian girl hitting shooting targets like she was trained by the army general himself. This isn’t about race though. It’s not even about the actual content of the video. However, it planted a seed in me that day that just blossomed. Why don’t I know BASIC survival skills ? I’m talking about BASIC BASIC such as how to filter clean water , start a fire, CPR etc .... Anxiety set in almost instantly. Hypothetically speaking, if an apocalypse happened tomorrow, I wouldn’t be able to protect my child to the best of my ability like I used to think I could. Sure, by any means necessary is the foundation of my character. However, there are a plethora of things I could stand to learn to take my SAVAGE to a new level. Therefore I curated m a list of basic survival skills which I feel get overlooked in our society, that every parent should continue to pass on to their children. Follow me as I learn and master each of these over the next few months. Survival of the Fittest: The Savage Parent Checklist 1. CPR 2. How to find and purify water 3. How to start a fire 4. How to seal a wound 5. How to create and use a homemade compass 6. Learning different knots 7. How to DIY soap 8. How to grow vegetables and fruit from seeds 9. How to make natural healing remedies 10. How to make almond milk Now, these aren’t all the things I plan to learn for the sake of teaching my child. However, it’s what I plan to begin with. I encourage every parent to take on the challenge.

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