• Tori Owens

How To Bring Ideas To Fruition

Those who know me will attest that I’ve always been a woman on her grind. Always looking for ways to find my next dollar. This wasn’t taught to me nor was it forced upon me. This burning desire to be successful was always inside of me. Speaking to me to say the least. When I was a kid, I would take koolaid packs, mix them with sugar and sell bags of my mix at school. Yup, I was hustling at the mere age of 6. I even got creative with it and started mixing different flavors with it and adding Pokémon cards as a gift to my loyal customers lol. When I would run out, I would use my money to buy more, then stash away the profit. As I grew up, the koolaid packs turned into doing homework for a fee, then selling the old cookies from my job that I knew would be trashed at the end of the day. Jumping from one hustle to the next, my end goal was always to make money. Now that I’m 27 and have a child , my motives are different. I realized that every hustle I’ve ever had didn’t last because my end goal was wrong. Money should never be your goal. Passion should. Now don’t get me wrong , those hustles may not have lasted a lifetime but one thing about me is I was successful at each one. When I felt like I had success with it, I lost interest. When I was in the food industry I was an assistant manager at 17 running a whole store. When I was in customer service I became a trainer. When I did public relations I had clients in publications such as ESSENCE and curating 6 figure branding collaborations. That’s not me anymore. After doing a lot of soul searching I knew my end goal was to create my own brand that allowed me to parent the way I saw fit. Dropping my kid off at daycare 5 days a week and only having about 4 hours a day of wake time wasn’t it. Nor was making other people’s pockets fatter trash mine. So what do you do at this point ? You reevaluate and get on your grind. I have a list of things that I can’t wait to bring to fruition. You reading this little blog of mine is proof that it’s possible for you and me. For now, I want to give you some bonafied tips to bringing your own ideas to fruition , just like I did for Urban Mom Spot. 1. Take your time in establishing your end goal. This goal should bring you ultimate happiness. It should be so great that you wouldn’t care if you never received one cent for it. 2. Plan way more than you execute. I know that may sound just a bit crazy but it’s true. Executing too soon will produce results that can kill your confidence. 3. Research the competition (if there is any) When you look over the competition, ask yourself what sets you apart ? What about the competitor is compelling to you ? What SHOULDN’T you do ? 4. Stay authentic. This is a biggie. Yes it’s good to research competition, but never lose yourself or sight of your end goal. 5. Invest. This concept is more than just money. Invest your time and your energy like your life depends on it. Because quite frankly , it does. 6. Understand that slow progress is better than no progress. Make a list of everything you need to bring this idea to fruition and tackle each item one by one. This can include completing research marketing , buying equipment , or learning techniques to cut out the middle man. 7. Network your ass off. Networking is even easier these days. The excuse of not having that $500 to go to a networking event is long gone. Instagram has over 1 billion users. Need I say more ? 8. Be a walking brand. Become the go-to person for whatever your business / brand is about. 9. Start small and build. 10. Have fun. Literally , have fun. Don’t let the “business” aspect take away from why you’re passionate about whatever it is. I can’t wait to see what things you all have cooking up. Bring it all the way to fruition sis, the world is waiting.

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