• Tori Owens

5 Steps To Purge Your Life After Motherhood

By now I’m sure you’ve either heard of or watched one or all of the award winning film series The Purge. In a shortened summary , the idea of giving society a period of time to legally commit crime and release hatred without punishment is hypothetically supposed to encourage economical growth and a more controlled behavior throughout the rest of the year. Well, here’s what I took from the film and how I applied it to my life in motherhood. The idea of purging is a good one, but not the way the film portrays. In real life purging bad energy is important in sustaining a more well rounded energy. At least I personally think so. After I got consumed in my new life of motherhood , I totally let myself go. It’s not really a bad thing , however it wasn’t a good one either in regards to being internally happy. Pre-motherhood I was in love with my body’s shape. I indulged in things such as regular manicures/pedicures, had a standing hair appointment and shopped just for the hell of it. I had this thing about myself that just exuded a bad chick! I see desperately wanted that girl back. My daughter is 2 now, so the excuse of “I just had a baby” is irrelevant. So, I decided to PURGE. I tossed out half of my closet, and re-evaluated my finances. I had to look at keeping myself up as a bill. One thing about human nature that I’m thankful for is that we know how to adapt better than any living thing on this planet. Therefore, if something is important to you, you’re going to figure out a way to make it happen. Here’s my exact formula on how I purged my life in order to reconnect with that girl I knew pre-motherhood. 1. I tossed out all the clothes I no longer fit or liked on my new mom-ish figure. This step is vital because keeping these clothes sends a signal to your brain of comfort and familiarity. If you don’t have the clothes , you can’t wear them. Simple.

2. I evaluated my finances. I wrote down all my bills , checked my regular spending habits on my banking app, and came up with a monthly budget for the things I liked to indulge in. Then, I set up and auto withdrawal for these funds to be deposited in a SEPERATE savings account weekly. Money you don’t see is money well saved. 3. I scheduled a “ME DAY” once a month. This day is to be uninterrupted from parenting , friends, and work. This day is now time blocked and cannot be tampered with under any circumstances. Treat it like an important meeting that you simply cannot compromise for anyone. On this day is when I deem available for my shopping , and self care activities. 4. I unfollowed anyone on social media that didn’t ADD to my new flow of positivity. I’m a firm believer that you are who you hang around. This translates further than physical contact. Today you can pull up Facebook and be overwhelmed with videos of bullying , death, and unwanted drama. You may think you’re just scrolling for entertainment but in actuality you’re subconsciously feeding a negative energy flow within yourself. Let it go baby. Let....it....go. I then went on a follow spree. I followed accounts that made me happy or gave me a push of motivation. A few of my favorite accounts to follow these days are @WillSmith, @thebusinessbabes and @bossladiesmindset 5. Self reflect. When you think of self reflection what comes to mind ? I’ll use an example. Someone who’s goal is to lose 50 pounds can workout for weeks and not notice a change until they look at before and after pictures. It’s important to compare the old you and the new you for a huge boost of motivation. Self reflect weekly. Ask yourself what did I accomplish this week? Am I satisfied with my outcome ? What can I do better next week so that I’m more than satisfied? This isn’t a step but a mindful tip. Feed the parts of you that you want to improve. And baby, feed these parts like it’s the last supper. Happy PURGING ! Xoxo, Tori

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