• Tori Owens

A Broken Home: Did I Rob My Kid?

Do I regret motherhood ? Not at all. However , I can’t help but feel like I may have robbed my daughter of a certain lifestyle she deserves. But wait, is it robbery if my own insecurities of bringing her into a broken home are the root of that ugly thought? Maybe , just maybe, it isn’t highway robbery at all. In fact , this is a defining moment .....no a defining truth, in motherhood that many single mothers face. During my journey of self evaluation, I’ve come to the realization that as a parent I sometimes force my own expectations on to her. That my friend I think is the biggest robbery of them all. Sure it’s our natural instinct to want our offspring to do, be and have better. Be careful with that. In return , we mentally set ourselves up for failure. My mindset on this subject has changed drastically. When we worry more about expectations over the experience, we strip ourselves of..well...living. See, I had to look at the glass half full rather than half empty. What’s done is done, so what pivotal moves can I make to ensure she too lives her best life ? This same concept applies to all aspects of life. If we know that the ultimate goal of humanity is survival , we must go back to the basic functions that keep us alive. Sure we need food and water. But is that it? Humans are social creatures right ? Therefore, one of the most powerful tools of survival (in my own opinion) is love. It’s happiness. So when I started to look at the glass half full , I asked myself...is your child happy ? Healthy? Loved ? Why yes, yes the hell she is. So no. I do not regret motherhood as a single parent. Nor do I regret the timing or the situation. Her father and I both pour love into her regardless. I think that is what’s most important. Spread love. Live fruitfully. Trust me, you’ll live longer. Xoxo- Tori a5ea20b8354972881d4d2712f4a1db2b5c0daaf508ded6c86b

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