• Tori Owens

Post-Pregnancy: Getting Your Sexy Back

To all the mommies in the place just tryna get they sexy back....know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Did I eat healthy during my pregnancy ? HELL NO! I ate whatever the hell I wanted, and I did it unapologetically. Fast forward to a year post pregnancy and ya’ girl is still trying to get it all off lol. They say you only need to gain 20-25 pounds during pregnancy but let me tell you something , I gained 70. Do I regret it ? NOPE! Every mama on this God green earth knows how good food is while pregnant. So if you’re looking for advice in that department, I am NOT your girl. #sueme However, I will say the process to getting your mojo back post pregnancy is all up to you. Some women bounce back immediately and then you have women like me. Losing about a pound a damn month lol. No but seriously , forget all the pressure of getting your sexy back in a specific timeframe. Move at your pace. It’s not a race baby girl. It’s a marathon. But how do you do it ? Sexy starts with confidence. No scale can weigh that mama. Confidence is about self love. Before you can dive into feeling sexy again , you must first learn to accept what YOU call flaws. Some of those flaws may be permanent, some may be an easy fix. (Side bar : stretch marks are in girl, so let that one go. In fact, I know a ton of men who think they’re sexy.) Start by staring at yourself in the mirror, butt-booty naked! What do you see? What are the things you want to enhance? Do you want clearer skin ? Do you want to lose a few pounds? Are you sick of your hair in a damn bun every day ? Once you figure out the answer to all those questions or doubts, it’s time to map out a solution. One step at a time. For example, make an appointment with an esthetician this week about your skin. Start walking with the kids in the evening. Make a commitment to get your hair done once in awhile OR take matters into your own hands by learning some easy styles you can do at home. Youtube got all the juice so don’t conjure up an excuse in that pretty little head of yours. Whatever your plan may be, start small. Stick to it, and challenge yourself. It’s all in the mind. Once you tap into controlling it, the possibilities are endless.

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