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Do’s & Dont’s: Disney World With A Toddler

Ohhh the magical world of Disney , it’s every kid’s dream to go. I remember when Brandy and Whitney Houston played in the black version of Cinderella. When I saw a dark skin girl looking like me on the big screen as a princess, a special kind of sparkle filled my eyes. As a first time mama I couldn’t wait to take my baby to Disney World. I craved to see that same sparkle in her eyes. Well, I might’ve gotten a little ahead of myself in the process. And what I mean by that is...I got WAY ahead of myself lol. My little one is 18 months and everyone told me to wait until she’s older. Well, a hard head makes a soft ass is what my grandparents used to tell me. Despite everyone’s input , I decided to take my Baby to Disney World for my birthday. If you’re reading this, my suggestion is to refrain from taking your toddler under two years old unless it’s a family trip lol. Luckily for you , I’m going to list the DO’s and DONT’s so you don’t make the same mistakes I made. Additionally I’m gong to save you some coins !

The DO’s 1. Write down your parking space upon arrival. I thought I would remember, but hours at the park with a toddler and no wine will screw with your memory. 2. Bring a rolling cooler and pack toddler friendly lunch and snacksif you’re vegan or vegetarian. I don’t know how the hell I didn’t think of this. I saw another family with one and thought that was such an anazing idea. Additionally , the wait time for all the restaurants ranged from 45 min to an hour. 3. Bring a mobile phone charger...or two. 4. Pack water bottles in your rolling cooler. I spent about $2/3 for one bottled water that my toddler spilled any way lol. 5. Purchase Disney themed dress wear prior to arrival.

6. Dress fun but comfortable ! Princess dresses and heroe costumes were in full effect. 7. Consider staying at an Airbnb instead of a hotel. This is usually a family trip so the comfort of being in a home adds to the magic of things.

8. Bring your own wet wipes and hand sanitizer.

The DONT’s 1. Do not plan to Uber the entire trip. I’m so used to Uber when I travel that it’s my go-to. However , the distances between destinations in Orlando are widespread. The second day I just ended up getting a rental car. I spent about $100 in uber travel just getting from the airport , to my air bnb and getting dinner at the Toothesome Emporium. 2. Do not go without coins. The tolls are very frequent. Plan to bring at least $20 in coins for tolls OR do the prepay option. Y’all listen , I was so mad I had to keep getting change at the gas station lol. 3. Do not go without a full itinerary. There are so many activities that you may get overwhelmed. You’ll end up spending too much time reading the map and trying to see which activities are toddler friendly. Do your research on all the toddler friendly activities and rides prior to travel. 4. Don’t forget to snap pictures. I found myself so overwhelmed with everything that I didn’t remember to take as many pics I would’ve liked to. 5. Do not wait to rent a stroller there. While this may seem convenient , I noticed a family bummed they had to wait an hour. Thankfully I brought my own. 6. Do not expect to get through the entire park in one day. Disney World is broken down into multiple theme parks but even these individual parks are huge. Don’t pressure yourself. Pick one park prior to travel and tackle just that. Making Disney World a yearly tradition will allow you to have a new experience each time for the years to come. Final thoughts Although the highlight of my trip turned out to be taking my daughter to the beach for the first time because I was totally unprepared , I did take my mishaps with Disney World with a grain of salt. I’ll definitely be more prepared next time. After experiencing it myself , I do agree that you should wait until your toddler is at least 2 before taking them on this adventure. My little one had the time of her life, but only for about an hour. It was then time to go according to her lol.

Next year I plan to be more prepared and ready to take on Disney like a champ ! There you have it. The “yasssssss’” and “bye Felicia’s” of taking your toddler to Disney World.

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