• Tori Owens

Easter For April Fools

I won’t get too deep into it today, but let me mention it for those who don’t know me yet. I’m not necessarily a religious person. I’m a spiritual one. Please don’t judge/shun me with your religious practices and beliefs. They are your own, which I respect and admire. Why do I admire those with different beliefs? Because you believe in something ! Belief in nothing, is equivalent to a lost soul. And for those of you who believe in nothing, I send all the positive juju’s you’re way. My beliefs can get extremely heavy and that’s not the purpose of this post. Just know that , I truly believe a spiritual relationship with {God} is far more important than a religious one birthed from text that is handed to you from our slave owners in a different language you’ve never spoke in your life. I’m a believer in self and spirit being one with the universe. But I’ll get deeper into that another day. Today however, April Fools...I mean Easter... is upon us. Oh , they’re on the same day this year ...my bad ! Anywho, in a kid’s world, it’s the day of bunnies that lay eggs (which we all know they don’t do in real life... -_-) , egg hunts, fun with family , playing with friends and just having a damn good time in general ! So what is a mother of a 1 year old to do when she’s currently on her own spiritual journey and tends to grit her teeth at holidays like Easter ? Simple. Let a kid be a damn kid. You can #SueMe You can call it hipocritical...whatever you choose. But before you judge, let me break it down for you. Do I believe religion is bad ? Absolutely not, nor am I against it. Do I believe it’s manipulated? Yes. Here I am, 26 and on a journey to become more spiritual versus religious. This means I certainly don’t have all the answers. However, I do have a strong enough connection with self to know something just ain’t right. Now, if I’m diving into learning something new, I could very well end back up where I started. Why would I take my daughter on that trip with me so soon ? She’s too young to be tainted with a topic so heavy in my opinion. Hence why I never believed you should force religion on any child. Introducing it yes, but forcing it ...big no no! This is just MY opinion. My job as a mother is just to cultivate and that’s exactly what I plan to do. At her age, she doesn’t realize Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. She’s 1 years old damnit. She just wants to play and eat candy and wear bunny ears lol. Simple joys of a toddler. I don’t want to strip that from her. No. Not yet. Right now I just want her to feel love, light, and most importantly happiness. If that means letting her run around in circles looking for a chocolate egg, then so be it. That’s a sacrifice in motherhood I’m willing to make. So today , I put on my super mom cape and dedicate the day to giving my daughter a reason to laugh until her stomach hurts. It will be filled with VEGAN chocolate bunnies and a host of toddler friendly activities. Happy Easter to you mamas. Let’s make today filled with memories we will never forget. Oh, and lots of pictures to black mail our kids with later in life. Just kidding ! :)

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