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Bad, Boujee & Broke: The Importance Of Credit

I’m from the land of being black , boujee...and BROKE! They used to call it hood rich back in the day but there isn’t anything rich about it. What it really means is I’m irresponsible, I live check to check and my credit is shot or non existent. Who remembers the lyrics from the group Big Tymers? It went a lil’ something like....

Gator boots with the pimped out Gucci suits Ain't got no job, but I stay sharp Can't pay my rent, 'cause all my money's spent But that's okay, 'cause I'm Still Fly Got a quarter tank of gas in my new E class But that's alright, 'cause I'm gon' ride Got everything in my momma name But I'm Hood Rich

In today’s society cash don’t mean a thang without credit. And in all actuality credit will get you a lot further than cash will. Unfortunately in the black community financial education is non existent. If you got it, you spend it and even if you don't got it you spend it. Cough cough *Black Friday* 👀This leads to a lifetime of bad habits, bad credit and I’m so over it.

When I turned 18, I thought I was grown and knew it all. I was a freshman in college with my own apartment, and a new Impala (they was poppin back then ), I was the ish and a bag of chips. Fast forward to 20 and I now had two repossessions on my credit, two evictions, college debt and no degree. Damn ! I quiver just typing that !

What’s f’d up is, in other cultures it’s the complete opposite. Parents are getting credit cards in their children’s name (not bills like our parents did), and by the time their kids are 18 they already have positive credit history with a 750 score. Damn, talk about demoralized. It’s no shade to our parents however. They just lacked the financial literacy. They did the best they could with what they had. And we have to be grateful for that. However, it’s time to boss up and stop letting the past hold us back when there’s so many platforms we can learn from these days.

“What’s more important than throwing money in the strip club ? Credit.” - Jay Z the goat

Hov might have pissed a few ppl off with that lyric , but let’s face it. He’s right. #KanyeShrug🤷🏽‍♀️

Now that I’m a mother , I’ve taken my finances and securing the bag even more seriously. I don’t want my daughter to face the same adversities that I did. Worrying about paying rent because your used car just broke down and now you have to make a choice between rent, spending $2000 for an engine fix and it possibly breaking down again , or $1000 to get another car...is not what I want my daughter to go through. In the words of Rosa Parks - nah.She should be focusing on her education or building her own business.

So how did I take control of my finances and go from Bad, Boujee & Broke to Sexy, Stable & Secure ? Credit restoration and financial literacy. I joined a financial literacy program that not only restores your credit , but provided me with the necessary tools to maintain it. In just the first 45 days my score jumped up 86 point and I now have the knowledge I need to maintain and build on it.

My investment of $188 and $89 a month into this program was a game changer sis. Literally. Here were the talking points that sealed the deal for this single mama on a budget over here : - to date they’ve successfully removed over 1 million negative items from consumer reports - they have an A+ with the better business bureau - they’ve been in business since 2004 - they’ve restored credit for some of the biggest influencers in the entertainment industry - they provide contacts to REAL people with REAL results - they provide imperative tools to BUILD and maintain credit and good financial habits - A GAME CHANGER was their “Credit My Rent” program that reports your monthly rent payments to the credit bureaus. Think about it. That’s your biggest bill and traditionally the only way it gets reported to the credit bureau is if you DONT pay. That was a no brainer for me - The final and pivitol piece that really sold the deal, was me finding out I could also get paid by referring others and sharing my success story. Before I knew that I had already referred my family and friends. Had I known that prior , I could’ve scored a nice little payout ! For every person you refer , the company will issue you $100 up front no hassle. And if you think you have to wait months to get it, think again. I referred 7 people and the following week , a $700 check was in my account. ( Disney world for me and baby girl here we come. Our trip is on April 10th, so look out for that blog ) So if you’re reading this, it’s NOT too late- Take back your finances and start LIVING again. I’m posting the link to the program below. Caution though ...extreme blessings coming your way guaranteed.

To join the credit repair program as a customer for $188 Click here To join the program as an affiliate and get paid for your referrals PLUS as a customer to repair your own credit for $288 Click here

I can’t wait to see your glow up. Let’s chat !

Email :UrbanMomSpot@gmail.com

Phone : 816-668-1564

(feel free to either text or call. It’s 2018, so I get it )


Tori ❤️

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