• Tori Owens

Becoming A Better Version Of Yourself

You ever look back on the old you and think to yourself “ugh, how the hell did you have friends” I just KNOW I can’t be the only one. I’m not here to sugar coat ANYTHING. So, let’s just put it out there.

Before I had my daughter, I acted like a total bitch. Yea, I said it. I was the real life project version of the mean girls. Everything about my attitude , my pessimistic mindset and character flaws were just flat out UGLAY (no typo).

I never knew how judgmental I truly was until I actually became a mother myself. This was my favorite line ...”when I have kids, I would NEVER....” and that always followed with some judgmental ass opinion. It kinda went like this...

Ugh. That mother is too aggressive. I would never yell at my kids like that.

Why would she let her kids walk out the house like that? I would never let mine look unpresentable.

One thing I was adamant about was that I would never let my child have a tablet or be introduced to electronics early on. In my mind I did just fine without them as a child. Hell, I didn’t have my first cell phone until age 14/15. (You know you had the Nokia phone with a matching case to go with every outfit lol) Our computer at home had dial up. (back when you spent a week fine tuning your my space page with the hottest Soulja Boy or Bow Wow songs lol) Nowadays kids are getting cell phones and tablets of their own as early as 4. Crazy right?

However, I had a coming to Jesus moment shall I say. My LO was watching a show called Word Party that I stumbled across on Netflix. (If your toddler isn’t hip to it yet, get up on that!) I was joking and my Mommy ears happened to catch her repeating all the words. I was taken back at first. She usually only repeats me...and yes...even the bad words.

#DontJudgeMe I’m just a mom that likes to listen to Cardi B ok? Sue me.

Anywho, something told me to put it on my phone and see if she’s just as engaged in a more stressful setting. Surprisingly she was.

It then dawned on me that maybe electronics aren’t so bad and I needed to take my head out of the 90’s. I mean hear me out.

You’re saying my kid could be learning while I’m grocery shopping? You mean to tell me I could kill two birds with one stone? Ummm PSA that’s music to a mother’s ear. Sign me up Baby!

I got to hand it to my daughter though. She makes me a better person every day with little to no effort. Every day I feel like I leveled up to a better version of SELF. For that, I’m forever indebted to her.

“Never be afraid to step into new fields. You never know what version of you is waiting to meet you. “- Urban Mom Spot

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