• Tori Owens

A Moms Hustle & Flow

LISTEN! Can we just give it up for all these mamas of color out here REALLY beasting business AND motherhood at the same damn time ! It’s not easy but I mean , we gave birth to little humans for God sake. So, we’re pretty much the greatest living things on this planet. Sorry not sorry to the men who might catch wind of this post after dinner.

As a kid I always knew I was supposed to be a boss in some aspect. Well they called it defiance at that age. But hey , I know how to make some pretty sweet lemonade raspberry cocktails from lemons if you know what I mean.

So how do all these fine QUEENS do it ? That’s the million dollar question. Everybody wants to secure the bag but can’t supercharge that hustle to get it. It’s a gift with hella sprinkles of I GOT THIS on top. But guess what ? We all possess the gift. Some just need a slap on the butt and a stern pep talk to get that little money making brain of theirs to WERK! Here are five steps to supercharge that hustle so YOU can secure the bag !

1. Explore your creativity.

From the mouth of Jay Z the goat :

“Every human being has genius level talent. You just have to find out what it is and tap into it. “

2. Perfect your craft.

There are hundreds of makeup lines out there but did that stop Rihanna ? This goddess on earth took her time to perfect her product and then BOOM shut the whole damn beauty industry down with her FENTY beauty launch. (Which I purchased by the way and love it) If she listened to naysayers to stay inside her box she would be about $40 million dollars poorer. Oh the irony. I mean damn , can a sista borrow a few thousand to get Sallie Mae off my back.

3. Invest in your craft.

So this may be the hardest part. But only if you let it. If you’re one of the middle class mamas out here with a million dollar idea , you probably don’t have $10,00 laying around to start a business. However , I know you have a little something. Reevaluate your finances and figure out the best savings plan for you. Do NOT put a unrealistic timeframe on yourself. You want to do this right. So if it takes you 1 year , 2 years or hell even 3 to get that startup fee together then so be it ! Set realistic goals and get to it !

4. Market your brand like a boss.

I have been in marketing for years. I’ve worked with celebrities such as Yandy Smith amongst a plethora of some of your top brands in beauty , music and e-commerce. While visuals may be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing , they hold a lot of weight. Trust me. An MUA I booked for a client photo shoot this year stunned me when she rolled up in the office with a huge suitcase. Not only did she have her makeup supplies of course but she pulled out a ring light , tripod and cell phone light. She used these items to take GORGEOUS pictures of her work. This is why I booked her. Her visuals online stood out amongst the hundreds of other makeup artists in Atlanta that I went through. Side bar if you’re looking for a MUA in Atlanta , Tae is your girl.

5. Monetize. Flip it and reverse it.

There is NEVER one way to monetize your brand. It’s not how it was back when Master P was copying his own music to cd’s and selling them out the trunk of his car. It’s 2018 mama and it’s a million ways to make a dollar. I’ll do a separate post with a case scenario on how one of my clients sold their one product on multiple platforms and made over $80,000 in one weekend.

So there you have it. This is how you beast business and motherhood at the same damn time.

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