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How To Become a Baby Brand Rep

So, you think your child has what it takes to become a baby brand rep? If you want your child to become a brand rep, there are some things to consider and have ready for when a brand is willing to have your child represent them. First, understand what a brand rep is and what they do. A brand rep (brand representative) is an individual that represents a particular brand online or in person.

Decide on what type of brand you are targeting

Typically brands/companies source out people who represent the company’s ideals, target market and demographic. Many choose celebrity kids because of their popularity while others want model kids for specific campaigns. Since your child may not be either, a smart way to “get in the game” would be to target specific industries. Depending on the type of companies you want your child to represent, focusing on targeted industries will help the process less daunting. Food, fashion, and tech industries are always booming and push a lot of advertising. List companies based on these groups to start and research what they look for in brand reps.

Get an agent/modeling agency

This is a great option for parents who can’t participate in their baby’s careers full time - due to work commitments and other obligations. Agencies already have a long-standing relationship with many brands and are well versed in understanding the type of people companies sought after. They will guide you in the right direction and streamline the process of getting jobs quicker.

Create content

If your goal is to have your baby represent brands online, creating content geared towards that particular industry is important. If you want to represent fashion brands, create imagery that is synonymous with fashion. Cute clothing and style tips are always a plus. Brands always look for individuals to sport their products online, and if they like what they see, they will approach you. Creating a healthy online presence makes brands curious. The more quality content and activity on your website, social media pages the more likely you will have someone noticing.

Helpful tips:

1. Get a high end camera. I have been using a Cannon 70D and the images are bomb.com ! A plus is getting a camera that has wifi capabilities so that you can upload your images straight to your phone.

2. Download editing apps. When you see these gorgeous images online, I can guarantee there has been a bit of editing done. Some of my faves are VSCO, Lightroom, and Facetune

3. If you aren't photo savvy, take a small camera class. I took one at Best Buy for about $70. You can also call your local community colleges and opt in for a photo editing class.

Media kit/online portfolio

A media kit/ portfolio gives brands a better understanding of your statistics. Things like what type of followers you have, previous work you have done, your demographics and so on are details companies want to know. Agencies help with getting a portfolio together as many fashion and advertising firms use these to decide on whether your child will be a good fit for their campaign.

Need a media kit? Contact urbanmomspot@gmail.com and I will hook you up. Before I started the journey in creating my own brand, I have created media kits for celebrities and influencers that are on your tv s

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