• Tori Owens

Strawberry Vanilla Yogurt Popsicles

Hi mommies! I have a super sweet treat for your teething little munchkin to try that I know he/she will enjoy. I've been into making my infants baby food since birth simply because I want to know exactly what my baby is ingesting! Try this summertime breakfast yogurt pop and let me know how your little one enjoyed it!

Organic Strawberry Vanilla Yogurt Breakfast Pops

What you will need

1. Organic low fat vanilla yogurt

2. Fresh organic strawberries

3. Ground oats

4. Vegan almond milk

5. Teething popsicle pacifier mold (amazon)

Blend all 5 items in your Baby Bullet (or preferred blender) until the texture is a thin liquid.

Once you've reached you're desired texture , pour the mixture in your freezer mold.

Freeze overnight. Enjoy!

That's it mommy! You're little one will have a blast sucking on this sweet treat !

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