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5 Fun Activities For Baby's First New Years

It's your baby's first new years and let's face it, you want to spend it with her. Sure tons of bubbly and other grown ups sounds fun but not more fun than hearing your slobbery baby scream with laughter at loud noisemakers during the countdown. With that being said , here are some super cute ideas for activities with your little one to do on New Year's Eve!

1. Mommy and Me party (dads can come too )

No need for baby sitters this time! Call up your girls and tell them to bring their babies to your house for an early NYE party and let's get messy ! Set out a smorgasbord of baby purees, finger foods, and light up toys plus show off your Pinterest skills with creative appetizers and festive drinks for the adults. The babies can play while the adults enjoy some grown-up conversation. (Even if it may be about your babies lol) Get some noisemakers and let the kiddos join in on the countdown.

2. DIY Photobooth

I love to take pictures of my angel and I'm sure you do too. Grab some hilarious party props from party city like giant glasses, a feather boa, or neon hats and create memorable New Years pictures to stash in the photo album.

3. Create a calendar customized by baby

Go out early and find a plain calendar. Grab some paint and decorate it with baby's hands and feet. Now write down something to commit to for you and baby each month.

4. Create a memory box

Grab an old shoe box. Decorate it. Put some of your baby's things from this first year in it like a diaper, a favorite outfit she's outgrown, pictures, and other small items. Write a special note to your little one for her to read in 10 years. Then bury it to be opened on NYE in 10 years!

5. Make a home video of karaoke night

Babies love movement and sound. Turn on some karaoke tv while the camera is rolling and sing your butt off to baby. I guarantee she will get a huge kick out of it. You may not sound like billboards hottest 100 but having your baby's sweet laugh on tape will be something to cherish

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