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5 New Mommy Must Haves

There's no guide to being a parent. With that being said, there's so many things you don't know if you've never been one. Sure some things come natural like stocking up on diapers, wipes, and clothes. But, there's some not so top secret items that as a new mommy, I just couldn't live without.

1. A boppy pillow. - My little ons wasn't sitting up on her own yet so this was perfect for lounging while I was working from bed.

2. A co sleeper. - I'm a clingy parent so my newborn sleeping in a nursery was just out of the question even though I had a monitor. A co sleeper was perfect for those in the middle of the night cries for a snack. I could reach over, POP the bottle in her mouth without fully waking her up and in five minutes she was back to sleep for the rest of the night.

3. A cozy cover - Whoever invented these are heaven sent. It gets ver cold and windy where I live so this cozy cover over her car seat was perfect. It has a flap that you can peek in once you're in the car and the inside is insulated to retain heat. Not to mention it's universal so it fits almost any car seat !

4. A bottle Warmer - The old school way to warm a bottle was over the stove. Who has time for that when it's 3am and your little one is screaming ? Not me! I would keep a Warmer next to her co sleeper so when she woke up for that snack I would have a warm bottle in two minutes.

5. A pacifier case - I loved this so much because I could keep the pacifier case on my keychain. It comes in super handy when you need to run in the grocery store but don't want to lug a whole diaper bag !

I hope these items come in hand for you mommy !


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