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A Freshly Picked Discovery

Ahhhhhhhh. I just HAVE to tell you about a life saving discovery for all us new moms. (Ok. Maybe not life saving, but when you're dramatic as me....you get the picture lol)

Anywho, listen up. You're going to love me life after this! So as any new mom, you literally learn something new about this thing called parenting every day. My latest 'aha' moment was about two weeks ago.

You all know I had a baby girl. What mommy doesn't like dressing her little angel up like a Barbie doll ? No mom ever ok. My problem was finding shoes to fit her tiny little feet. By no means am I a hoarding shopper but she has shoes that she won't get to wear until she's at least 1 or almost 2.

Part of the reason for that is me not understanding the sizes. I would just buy shoe after shoe to see if it fit. It took me forever to realize the 'c' behind a number meant crib. *side eye* I mean can someone tell me why they just don't read like clothes...0-3 months, 3-6 months etc. Geez!

Anyway, after finding out what size my little angel wore, I was still bummed out. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, that was to my taste came in her size. How frustrating!! I became so desperate that I put two socks on her and stuffed her new pair of Michael Kors with tissue just so they'd stay on her feet. Don't judge me ok lol!

Then it happened, that 'aha' moment. A friend of mine sent me a link to FreshlyPicked.com. and OMG I was in HEAVEN! They had every color moccasin you could think of plus patterns I had never seen before. The most exciting part was the QUALITY of the moccs. I have seen moccs before but they always looked cheaply made. Not these mommy! I could tell critical thought of different types of moms and navies such as race, salaries and cultures went into creating such a huge variety.

It's no secret that the reason Urban Mom Spot came to fruition was because of the lack of diversity I noticed in the parent/baby industry. Imagine how excited and comfortable I was to shop with Freshly Picked after seeing all the different styling options.

I say all this to say, FP solved my problem. These super cute moccs fit my angels tiny little feet perfectly at 2 months old ! Visit www.FreshlyPicked.com and see for yourself.

Wait mommy! Did you think for one second that I wouldn't share the love? You know what that means. It's GIVEAWAY time! As a thank you for reading this blog and totally relating to me I'm personally giving away one free pair of moccs sponsored by Freshly Picked. Here are the rules

1. You must follow @UrbanMomSpot and @FreshlyPicked on Instagram. www.instagram.com/UrbanMomSpot


2. Tag 1 friend in the comment section of my giveaway post.


As a special treat for reading this bog, I'll let you in on a little secret. Every person you tag in the comment on the giveaway post is a new entry BUT you can only tag one person per comment!

P.S you get to pick which pair of moccs you want!

Good luck mommy!

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