• Tori Owens

Grandma's Old School Remedy For A Diaper Rash

Leave it to granny to always have a home remedy for any and everything. Although I'm not mixing up pickle juice, honey and lime to clear up a pimple-some remedies are amazing as crazy as they may sound. My baby girl got her first (and hopefully last) diaper rash. Ironically it was the first week I went back to work full time. Go figure. I read a few articles and decided to try Destin cream. When word got back to the elders in my family , I immediately got shunned ! "Don't you put that on my baby" lol. So cheers to my first home remedy to clear up a diaper rash. Here's what you will need: White flour A skillet Paper towels Turn your stove on medium heat. Place the white flour in the skillet and heat until its brown. Remove the white flour from the skillet and place on paper towels to cool down. Once it's cool, rub the flour onto the infected area. Do this liberally until the rash is cleared. To assist this process, give your baby a good old fashioned oatmeal bath at night ! Your little one should have a clear bottom in a couple of days. Thanks Granny!

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