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New Mommy Discovery : Her First Rash

You've heard the term "smooth as a baby's bottom" right ? Well I can say at 4 weeks old, my daughters skin went from as supple as a rose to a bumpy sandpaper like texture. She got her first rash. To make matters worse, it was on her face. Now, don't shoot the messenger but, I thought baby rashes came from unsanitary practices such as not bathing your baby or dirty homes. So you can imagine the shock I had when she broke out. Anyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with cleanliness! How could she be breaking out? It's impossible I thought.

Once again I go to google for the answer. All I came up with is "it's normal". Clearly that isn't the answer I was looking for. I even go to the women of my family , same answer. I got so frustrated. No one wants to see their baby's face flushed with dry, cracking bumps and they were getting worse by the day. How do I know they don't itch? Do they hurt? Is she uncomfortable ? All these questions are racing through my mind. I have to figure out something and quickly !

It wasn't until one night my mother (who hasn't done this in 25 years might I add lol) and I sat trying to pick out reasons on what could be breaking my daughter out. She hesitantly says "I wonder if it's her wash rags?". I sat quietly for a second and said, "I use a new one every time I bathe her." Her next words to me were mind blowing. "Well right out the pack means they've never been washed. Think of all the things that have touched the rags from the factory , to the truck, to the store. That could be it. But I don't know. I haven't done this in 25 years."

Again, I sat quietly contemplating what she said. I start to realize, my daughter didn't start breaking out until she started taking baths at home. With each bath, I would take the tape off the new rag and wipe my daughters face with warm water. I didn't even use soap. It made total sense that her face was the only place breaking out. This was one of those "DUH" moments. But not really. There's no manual to being a new mom. So instead of calling this a #NewMommyFail we're going to label it #NewMommyDiscovery lol. I simply purchased some dreft and washed everything I could get my hands on, even if it still had a tag on it. One week later, my little munchkin's face cleared up !

If you're a new mom and reading this, know that I created this bog just for you. Hopefully reading my experiences will help your transition into motherhood smoother!


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