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New Mommy Chronicles: How I Got My Fussy Baby To Take Pictures

Every mom wants those savory moments that she can capture on film to gaze at for years to come. Newborn pictures are one of the most anticipated set of pictures that every mom can't wait to take. For epic shots, there's a specific threshold in which you want to get newborn pictures taken. Usually 5-21 days old. Did anyone bother to tell this first time mom that ? NO! (Big sigh) So again, I had to learn by trial and error. Let's just say, this was an error BUT not a complete fail ! At two months old, my beautiful baby girl has already established a routine. Getting her to take pictures at a time SHE didn't designate is like trying to catch a chicken with your bare hands lol! [Side bar- I've never tried that so don't ask me where that analogy came from. ] To add fuel to the fire, baby girl has an upset stomach. So how did I get a two month old, fussy baby to sit still with bright lights, big bows, and flowers in her face? Here's how :

1. Set the mood- Eliminate all background sounds. Create a spot that has Low lighting that you are able to soothe your baby. This is basically a prep for what could be a traumatic experience. (That flash is no joke)

2. Prep the scenery prior to introducing baby.

3. Keep a nice warm bottle and wet wipe close!

Here's the trick. When you have a fussy baby , warm milk almost always calms the baby even if it's for a second. I positioned baby girl how I wanted. I then popped the bottle in her mouth and on a count of three removed the bottle simultaneously with the photographer snapping pictures. I couldn't believe it worked lol! I guess it's safe to say I'm getting the hang of this mommy life.


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pic retrieved from https://www.flickr.com/photos/thiagu007/3739790934

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