• Tori Owens

The Birth Of Urban Mom Spot

Ok let me say this now. This blog is not going to be your conventional blog. I say what I want, and hopefully you respect it! Why did I create Urban Mom Spot? What is it about? Well, I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and stepped into motherhood like I owned it lol! I wanted to create more than a blog. UMS is going to be a digital hub where women like you can read content, relate to it, share it, shop, connect and hopefully crack some laughter or tears along the way. What really sparked my interest to create this digital hub was...well let me paint the picture for you.

FLASHBACK! I'm 4 months pregnant walking into a major chain baby store. I'm a first time mother so I have no clue what items to get. I mean, what the hell is a boppy pillow (is what I'm thinking at the time)? Anyway, I'm just throwing items in my basket wit my trusty iPhone in hand so that I can google everything. Halfway through the store I jokingly say to myself "why is every baby pictured white...like..on everything". Whatever, I checkout and go about my day thinking nothing of it. That night I'm trying to do a little online shopping for my princess and what do you know...same thing. No diversity at all. It's 2016 for goodness sake!

I have to make sure my little chocolate princess knows her skin is flawless and her hair is beautiful. If the major chains wont let her know that, I'll make it my duty to! So, Urban Mom Spot was born. I have some exciting things in store for Urban Mom Spot beyond the blog that I cant wait to share with the world. Stay tuned and walk this journey with me!

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